Erdemler Cooling Inc. considers personal information such as your name, postal and e-mail addresses or telephone number to be private and confidential. Accordingly, the personal information you provide is stored in a secure place and is only accessible to a dedicated personnel or authorized representatives, excluding online forms used to better market our products or provide better service to our customers. Erdemler Cooling will not disclose your personal information to other organizations.

Collecting Data
While browsing the Erdemler Cooling website, you do not need to declare your identity information, your personal information is not collected. However, in some parts of our website, you may be asked to voluntarily provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address, for correspondence, newsletter, communication or participation in online surveys.

Erdemler Cooling may also store the electronic correspondence you send to the site administrator or other employees. This information will only be used within Erdemler Cooling in order to continuously improve our services.

Erdemler Cooling website monitors the information about the visits. For example, statistics are collected showing the number of visitors a site receives during the day, the number of daily requests received for certain files on the site, and which countries these requests come from. The statistics collected are used to customize our website to better meet your needs; statistics may also be given to other parties; however, these statistics do not contain any personal information and cannot be used to collect this information.

There is a technology called “cookies” which is used to provide you with customized information obtained from a website. A cookie is a data element that a website sends to your browser, which can then be stored on your system. Erdemler Cooling website may use cookies in order to better serve its visitors. You can set your browser to notify you when a cookie is received, giving you the opportunity to decide whether to accept it.

Processing Data
Erdemler Cooling may use the information provided by users, for example, to provide a service, to measure consumer interest in our various products and services, or to inform users about new products and programs. These offers may be based on information given in surveys, information showing purchasing preferences, or e-mails sent to an Erdemler Cooling website.

All lists used to send you product and service offers are created and managed under strict conditions designed to protect the security and privacy of our customers’ personal information. Erdemler Cooling will make every effort to meet all requests for removal of names from mailing addresses or e-mail lists.

Erdemler Cooling will also use personal information only in accordance with the purpose of collection or for the purposes approved by you. Based on the information shared by the person, Erdemler Cooling will take all necessary steps to ensure that personal information is relevant, accurate, complete and up-to-date for the purpose of use.
Upon request,Erdemler Cooling will provide reasonable access to individuals whose personal data held about. In addition, Erdemler Cooling will take the necessary measures to allow individuals to correct, change or delete their data that is stated to be inaccurate or incomplete. It is reserved the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data; in this case, Erdemler Cooling may not be able to maintain any function for which the data was collected (and this may have some consequences). Besides, you have the right to prevent the transfer of your data to third parties in the event of insufficient data protection regulations.
When you contact us, Erdemler Cooling will respond to your concerns.

Sharing Data
Since Erdemler Cooling considers the kept personal information confidential, personal information collected online will not be disclosed to third parties as per our policy, unless there is a legal requirement for disclosure or there is no need for judicial, government investigations or legal proceedings. Erdemler Cooling does not sell, rent or transfer personal information to other organizations.

Other Web Sites
Erdemler Cooling web site may contain links to other sites; every effort is made to only link to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy. However, Erdemler Cooling is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other sites.