When fishing is a lot, the only possible way to deliver the fish to the consumer without deteriorating their quality is with cold storage under ideal conditions. Chilling is the procedure of reducing the temperature of fish to 0 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature above freezing. Cooling fish products with flake ice gives very good results. Seafood, which will be sold in a short time, is kept in storages at an average temperature of 0 ºC and offered for sale on the counters, preserved by pieces of ice.

The blast freezing process, which is created to extend the storage time of seafood, plays a very important role in minimizing spoilage and economic loss, in addition to controlling public health problems and foodborne pathogens. Products that are blast frozen in -35 -40 degree rooms is stored for a long time by taking them into the -18 degree storage room.

Glaze has an important place in the processing of fish, which is a perishable food. The cleaned and pre-processed products are blast freezed in chambers at -40 degrees. The fish whose internal temperature reaches at least -18 degrees are taken from the blast freezing chamber and taken to the glaze area in the room where the packaging will be applied. Glaze is the application of ice created on the surface to protect the product after the freezing procedure.