Compared to chicken and fish, meat is simpler and more durable food to store and process. However, chilling and cold storage of the carcass meat is very important in terms of not losing its mass and keeping it fresh for a long time. After the slaughtering process, the amount of losing that the carcasses will give while cooling after weighing should be below a certain rate. On the other hand, the darkening and bruising that may occur on the skin of the meat will decrease the market value of the meat. Therefore it is very important to calculate the cooling capacities and select the cooling systems correctly.

After the slaughter, the cold chain and with it our responsibility to the consumer begins. Meat must be chilled and frozen effectively in order to preserve their qualities and flavors. In the chilling and freezing facilities of meat and meat products established by Erdemler Cooling, you cannot only ensure that the quality and taste of the products are preserved but also our systems meet all immaculate standards, ensuring the establishment of the most durable cold chain.

Another important issue is the period of time that the meat from the slaughterhouse can be kept fresh. After the whole carcass has been cut into pieces of meat, it can be stored as fresh for 60 days in cold storages with vacuum packaging without freezing.