In poultry slaughterhouses such as chicken, turkey or quail, the fastest possible cooling and preservation of the product is the most important issue. With its expertise and knowledge, Erdemler Cooling creates the first link of a functional cold chain with the capacity you need, meeting the highest hygiene standards.

Poultry becomes a cooled and packaged product between 0 and +4°C within 3 hours after slaughtering. Some of these products are taken to cold storage after quality control. Some is bagged and packaged. Products that are not packed are taken into the shredding and processing section for product diversification.

Poultry meat is more susceptible to spoilage than red meat. For this purpose, in cold storage of poultry meat, storage temperature and initial microorganism load directly affect its durability.

Poultry meat can be preserved in two ways as fresh and frozen.
Fresh products are chilled at 0 – 4°C and distributed to markets with a shelf life of approximately two weeks without breaking the cold chain. The shelf life of frozen products varies between 6 and 24 months, depending on whether they are carcasses or pieces of meat and the storage temperature. This process is done in blast freezing chambers at -35 degrees. Frozen products are stored in rooms fixed at -18 degrees.