Panels of various sizes required for cold storages are produced and put into service at international standards by the expert team of Erdemler Cooling.

Your requirements can be met in the most accurate way with cold room panels that can be produced in 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 mm thickness, 111 cm width and up to 13.5 meters long according to the project.

The interior and exterior surfaces are 0.50 mm thick galvanized sheet as standard and there is RAL9002 polyester paint on it. Sheet thickness may vary according to the project.

Our panels are manufactured according to the lock system and are combined with a male and female interlocking detail. Production is made with polyurethane filled with a density of 40-42 kg/m3 between two sheets.

The surface of the panels is smooth, hygienic and easy to clean. Due to its hygienic nature, it is especially preferred in hospitals, food storeges and the pharmaceutical industry. It prevents heat loss with its special design and accessories.

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